The Inspiration

We wanted to create a skincare brand that incorporates Christian values. We wanted to think of our creations as an investment in skin health and spiritual health, not just another beauty or handmade soap line. We are Sharon and John, a husband and wife pharmacist team, who found ourselves faced with a diagnosis of Lou Gehrig's disease. During our journey when illness and disability tested our faith and our physical endurance stretched, we partnered in faith and creative living with local, Louisiana women of faith. Over four years, we found ourselves inspired and encouraged to create many skin care products that addressed needs we had seen ineffectively improved with medication or over-the-counter skin care products. As pharmacists, we experienced not only the need to be nurtured physically, emotionally and spiritually, but we were inspired to serve those same needs in others. When everything in life said STOP, we STARTED. We couldn't be happier!

Sharon and John - Oliomanna

Beauty for us is not just about the outfit you are wearing. It is about our healthy skin, our faith, and our love of life's journey. It means loving our bodies and the life that we live. From the right health products, menus for holidays, and leisure activities to the perfect outfit to wear to a wedding, we get it. At Oliomanna we bring our values and experiences as practicing pharmacists to helping you select skin care products to the table with knowledge in how to compound products that fill the "big store brand" gap. We've developed a skincare line that nourishes your skin health and renews your spirit. A skincare line that is also giftable -- combining luxurious practicality with sharing God's Word. 

Just as the Maker designed each of us to be original, our innovative products are hand designed with your skin health and vitality in mind and then crowned with Scripture. A bit risky for today's society? You betcha! We are out of the closet and in love with Christ with everything we are. We've developed our original, naturally scented soaps, creams and skin care products to nourish and delight your skin and senses. And we have plenty more ideas ready to go! We are always working with our wonderful friends to create fabulous new product ideas with you in mind!

The Name

Oliomanna. Unique, God-given. A word that may not have existed before. Oliomanna, a word that encompasses the idea of the use of oils and manna -- God's perfect food and His Word, which, from experience, is a word that can sum up our hope. 

Our Goal

We will provide boutiques and customers with skin care products that consistently outperform higher-end brands while keeping prices affordable for everyone. We will develop soaps and other body nourishing products diligently prepared in smaller offerings, so you are assured of product freshness. We will live up to the highest standard of Christian business ethics and values. We will continuously give back to the local community. We will never offer you a product we did not personally prepare and use. We will make sure every moment, every day, every encounter nourishes your body and spirit! Because, in the end, isn't care and sharing what this is all about?


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