Fragrances awaken memories and emotions. Every corner of “the South” is devoted to a certain special essence, every place tells its story, and everything is so connected to that beauty it begs for a place in our memories.  It is that beauty that gave OlioManna the inspiration to transfer certain fragments of Southern life, tradition, and regions into beautifully fragranced soaps so that everyone who lives or visits the “south” can bring home their own unique memories.

Beauty in the South is also about our healthy skin, our faith, and our love of life's journey. It means loving our bodies and the life that we live. At Oliomanna we bring you our expertise as life-long Southerners and practicing pharmacists along with our nearly 100 years of combined experience with literally thousands of customers looking to improve skin health.  Our goal is to simplify skin care with products that are 98-100% natural, non-GMO, not petrochemically saturated and made with the finest ingredients available at a price point that is affordable.  Our knowledge of how to compound products that fill the "big store brand" gap has allowed us to develop a skincare line that both nourishes your skin health and renews your spirit. A skincare line that is also giftable -- combining luxurious practicality and sharing Southern Charm along with words of inspiration and refreshing.

Just as the Maker designed each of us to be original, all our innovative products are hand designed with your skin health and vitality in mind – from our artisan soaps to the lowly lip soother.  Since we’re from the South, we’ve chosen to celebrate our “Southern -ness” with tips, quips stories and inspiration from the South. Our delightfully scented creams and lotions are specifically designed to be long-wearing, moisture-rich and skin-enhancing.  Our soaps aren’t just designed to cleanse…but to mildly exfoliate, subtly scent, and restore your skin to dewy freshness.  We are relentless in the pursuit of filling customer needs for skin care products you can understand, enjoy and benefit from using.  And we have plenty more ideas ready to go!

Our Name

Oliomanna. Unique, God-given. A word that may not have existed before. Oliomanna, a word that encompasses the idea of the use of healing natural oils and manna -- God's perfect food and His Word, which, from experience, is a word that can sum up our hope and equals nourishment for our bodies and spirits.

Our Commitment - SOAP FOR HOPE

"I have come more and more to realize that it is being unwanted that is the worst disease that any human being can ever experience." Mother Theresa

For every bar of soap purchased, Oliiomanna donates a bar of soap and other personal care items to those living outside homeless shelters due to choice, mental illness or drug/alcohol addiction in the Central Louisiana area. - our community.  These individuals are perhaps those who have indeed lost all hope and suffer the greatest from the loss of human dignity.  We invite you to join us by supporting Soap for Hope through the purchase of our handmade soaps.  


Sharon and John - Oliomanna

Our Goal

Through the use of our experience and training in pharmacotherapeutics and pharmacognasy we will develop products that consistently outperform higher-end brands while keeping prices affordable for everyone. We will develop soaps and other body nourishing products diligently prepared in smaller offerings, so you are assured of product freshness. We will live up to the highest standard of Christian business ethics and values. We will continuously give back to the local community and those most in need.  We will never offer you a product we did not personally prepare and use. We will make sure every moment, every day, every encounter nourishes your body and spirit! Because, in the end, isn't care and sharing what this is all about?