Soap for Hope

SOAP FOR HOPE was born out of our discovery of hundreds of homeless individuals living in make-shift tents of cardboard, scrap lumber, bamboo, and tarps under the bridges and overpasses of our city.

These individuals are the truly homeless...those who cannot follow the "rules' of homeless shelters due to mental illness, drug or alcohol addiction, or choice.  Their plight is acknowledged by the majority but addressed by the minority 

After years spent ministering in third world countries, we discovered an equally heart-rending level of impoverishment at home. SOAP FOR HOPE allows you, the customer, to help us provide soap and other basic personal care items to those outside the "system". 

We have found the words of M. Theresa, "The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved” to be true.  SOAP FOR HOPE allows us to share smiles, conversation, and compassion along with items to improve hygiene and reduce illness in our own community as well in third world countries.

Thank you for your continued support!