Active Purifying Mineral Mud Face and Body Mask

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Active Purifying Mineral Mud Face and Body Mask - OlioManna

When it comes to natural masking wonders, the crème de la crème is said to find its source in the Dead Sea.

Since ancient times, the Dead Sea has been a known source for rejuvenation. According to legend, even Cleopatra created a spa on the Dead Sea knowing it to be the source of healing power and skin-boosting benefit.

These are some of the benefits of this ageless purifying treatment.

A high concentration of minerals necessary for youthful looking skin. Not even the best antioxidant-rich serums and salicylic acid scrubs can go toe to toe with the natural ingredients contained in the dead sea mud. The layers of sedimentary clay store a high concentration of over 21 minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulfates, and bromide.

Spa research in the region says that the most proven benefits to health from the Dead Sea are for treating psoriasis and joint and muscle pain since the minerals in the mud are easily absorbed into the skin.

It banishes acne.  The combination of an exfoliating clay texture and the way the clay soaks up oil, dirt, and impurities makes the mud a dream for treating acne. Applications also minimize pores and keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

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