80% alcohol hand sanitizer and 99% alcohol mask freshener spray scented with eucalyptus spearmint

Sanitizer Gift Set

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It's 2021 and the most useful gift this year is ... the Sanitizer Gift Set!

Show that you care in a way that's not only practical but smells great too!  Our 2-ounce pocket or purse size Hand Sanitizer and Mask Freshener are scented with Eucalyptus Spearmint are the perfect duo. and its available unscented as well. Just the right size for a small gift or stocking stuffer.

The Sanitizer Gift Set comes with gift bag and tissue ready to give.  Pick up several for friends and family.

 Hand Sanitizer Spray

Oliomanna's Hand Sanitizer Spray does not dry out your hands, is non-sticky and made from pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. Our Mask Freshener is a unique and easy way to sanitize face masks during the day.


  • 80% Alcohol - W.H.O. Recommended Formula and Ingredients Each active Ingredient is pharmaceutical quality. This formula uniquely also contains sanitizing Hydrogen Peroxide and Gycerol to prevent hand chapping as well as essential oils.
  • Our hand sanitizer dispenser bottles come in 2 sizes and are great for personal use. Keeping a bottle handy in your home, office, car and bag is a great preventative measure. 
  • 2 ounce bottle

Mask Freshener

Perfect for freshening your face mask during the day- cloth or medical grade. Between those washings, however, spritzing your mask and allowing it to dry completely before use can be beneficial.


  • 98% Alcohol and essential oils
  • Dispenser bottle is small enough for your pocket or purse.
  • Allows for sanitizing of mask throughout the day.
  • 2 ounce bottle

This gift is not suitable for children.