Stocking Stuffer PreShave Oil

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The BEST preparation for an enjoyable shave!

Pre-shave oils are useful for literally all men - and they make a PERFECT stocking stuffer!

No matter if you’re a wet shaver or you’re growing a beard, pre-shave oil can work for you.

  •  Sensitive skin, prone to irritation?
  • Want to shape your cheek line and neckline without the use of shaving cream?
  • Have soft facial hair and prefer to shave entirely without shaving soap or cream?

Pre-shave oil may be the solution. It’s applied right before shaving because the oil works best that way.

Many shavers haven’t really caught onto the need for this oil yet. Most guys still think a good shaving cream or soap and a sharp blade is all they need.

Try our exclusive, 100% Natural PreShave Oil- it’s not only about getting a close shave but also how comfortable it can be – especially for men with very sensitive skin.

He's been wanting to try a Preshave Oil but just hasn't gotten around to picking one out - much less getting to the store to pick it up!  Why not treat him to a  stocking stuffer of 2 ounce travel-sized PreShave Oil?


Marula Oil, Argan Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil and Vitamin E

2 ounce bottle